They're our dogs, so let's get scanning!

None of us lose our dogs deliberately but when it happens we often need help to get them back.

What we don't need is a big 'fine' from the dog warden or our dog marched off to the council pound unnecessarily.

Our mission is to establish a network of thousands of ScanAngels across the UK. Together we can achieve this. There are already twice as many ScanAngels as dog wardens.

What is a ScanAngel?

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Do you own microchip scanner?

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How are lost dog owners contacted?

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Stray Dog Law.

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Help, I'm Lost

  • Spocky
  • Vulcan Terrier
  • 11 years old
  • Gender: male
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Neutered: No
  • Microchip ID: NCC1701
  • Insurance Details:
    Pet Planet
    65 Regent Street
  • Vet Details:
    Sonic Vets
    High Street
    01223 790100
  • Appearance:
    Raised eyebrows and odd shaped ears.
  • Medical, Behavioural Info:
    Rational and inquisitive good with aliens