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To activate your DogTrac ID Tag, type in the 8 digit ID number on the back of the tag.


Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Protection FAQs

Q. What is Premium Protection?
A. A basic account will give you a lifetime registration for your DogTrac ID tag and lifetime access to update your contact details. You can also report your pet as missing to DogTrac. The 'Premium Protection' features detailed below are included free for 12 months from the date of registration of new tags.

Why is Premium Protection charged for after 12 months?

We have to pay ongoing fees to provide Premium Protection products. Unlike mobile phones, there are no free bulk text sending services available to companies. Charges are levied on us to provide geo-location services and the free provision of lost or broken tags.

DogTrac ID tags will NOT stop working without Premium Protection. You will still receive calls from finders and the QR code on the tag will still work perfectly for life.

Premium Protection includes the following features:

  • Update your pets' details for life.
  • Report a pet missing - alerts go out to everyone in our Pet Watch community within a 5-mile radius of where it was reported missing. If you add your dog's microchip number, we also mark your dog as missing on the Microchip Central Database to ensure that you can easily be contacted if your dog is found and microchip number searched.
  • Download a missing pet poster.
  • Receive text and email alerts should the number on the tag be called or microchip number searched. In addition, and where possible, we geo-locate where the tag was searched on a map.
  • Use the Holiday Cover feature to set a temporary keeper while on holiday.
  • Claim free replacement tags. Should you lose or break your tag, all you pay is delivery for a replacement.
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Q. How much does Premium Protection cost?
A. Premium Protection costs £15 + VAT for 12 months cover or £29 + VAT for the lifetime of your pets. Note: Premium Protection is per account, not per pet.
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Q. How can I upgrade to Lifetime Premium Protection?
A. To upgrade your Premium Protection, sign in to your account and click the Premium Protection box below your profile. You can then select the Annual or Lifetime Premium Protection option. Note: Premium Protection is per account and not per pet.
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Q. How do I set a temporary keeper if I am going on holiday?
A. If you are leaving your pet in somebody else's care, you may want to add their details to your account. If your pet's DogTrac ID tag is searched during the dates you schedule, both yours and the temporary keeper's details will be on file. To do this, sign in to your account and click 'Holiday Cover'. Add the temporary keeper's details, then click 'Schedule Holiday Cover' to schedule the keeper, dates and pets.
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